What Kind Of Stories Are You Willing To Or Able To Tackle? by Karen Vaughan

In light of the Newton Connecticut tragedy there are going to be ripped from the headlines variations on this theme. Jodi Picoult did it 19 MINUTES. Anne Rule loves true crime accounts of these big stories. I choose not to do any headline ripping stories of this kind. It is too tragic in real life why rehash the theme.

There are things I just won’t write about in a novel. Any kind of abuse toward a child, elder, woman or animal in any great detail; it could be mentioned but I am not going to centre a plot around those subjects. I also don’t touch rape or ritual torture or the occult. The media tends to sensationalize these issues so I find it is easy to take the moral high ground and avoid it all together.

So just ask yourselves what kind of stories are you willing to or able to tackle?