What’s In A Name by Prudence Hayes

Some people use a pen name and some people don’t. I do. Prudence Hayes is not my true name that my mom gave me. It is merely my pen name. A name I use to give myself the confidence I need to put my books out there. To be honest, if I didn’t have a pen name my words wouldn’t form into books. My stories would still be hidden away in my spiral notebooks under my bed. I can shyly hide behind it and become Prudence for the world to see.
The process of picking it was all quite simple. ‘Prudence’ came from one of my favorite songs, “Dear Prudence” by The Beatles and ‘Hayes’ is my Me-mom’s maiden name. I put them together and it just clicked.
I began using it when I was writing my first book “Back into the Sunshine”. That book was my ‘coming out party’ in a way. You see, my family had no clue that I loved to write. I have always hidden that fact along with my feelings and built up emotions. I wrote that book as a venting mechanism and when I was done I was frightened at the thought of them reading it. So, my plan was to pick a pen name, write it and never speak about the book. No one was going to know about it. And, no one did until I finally worked up the nerve to bite the bullet and tell them.
The name has stuck with me. In the writing world, I will forever be known as Prudence. Every book and story will be branded with my alter ego and I am fine with that because I feel more like Prudence Hayes than the other me most of the time.