Alphabet Challenge Too – Letter H from Honeymoon by Dellani

ABC ChallengeHoneymoon is a Florida Families novel starring the lovable, handsome and sexy Jasper Waters. He met, and fell for, Nadeya Raymund (Conduct Unbecoming). Thinking he’d be a bachelor for life, no one is more surprised than he, when he marries Nadeya. They spend their honeymoon in St. Augustine, Florida. Unfortunately, like their courtship, their honeymoon is somewhat fraught. While on a ghost tour of the city, something goes horribly wrong.

Jasper had to admit to himself that it was kind of creepy. Not his favorite spot during the day, this ancient burial ground was decidedly weird at night. Was it haunted? He didn’t know and didn’t really care. It gave him pause. Donovan didn’t seem any happier with it, nor did Robert. Nadeya strode in like she owned the place, completely unfazed. Jasper rushed to catch up, taking her hand.

She glanced at him, smirking. “Giving you the creeps?”

He didn’t answer, merely squeezed her fingers.

“Big, ol’ Marine scared of the dark?” she giggled softly. “I’ve been scarier places than this,” she said softly.

A sound caught Jasper’s notice. It wasn’t made by a member of their party. He’d accounted for everyone. It was off to his left, deeper in the cemetery, a click of pebbles on headstones. At least that’s how his mind decoded it. It could have been a slide racking. Nadeya listened to the guide, wandering absently after him. Donovan followed her, but Jasper hesitated, listening for a repeat of the sound.

“Problem?” Robert said from behind him.

“No. Thought I—heard…. Nothing.” Making another visual sweep, he trotted along the path to catch up with his wife. He planted a quick kiss on her cheek and slowed to a walk.

“You okay? If this is bothering you….” she said quietly.

“No. Fine. Hearing things.” Even more alert, he did another sweep.

This time, a flash of light behind and to their left caught his eye. It wasn’t his imagination, something was there. The flash repeated twice. Tugging Donovan’s sleeve, he pointed as unobtrusively as possible. Donovan nodded and dropped back while Jasper walked with his wife. Robert wandered around, not really staying in the same spot for long. At times he was very near them, others, he was further away.

Chips of stone whizzed in the air, stinging Jasper’s hand. Without thinking, he pushed his wife down, reaching for his own weapon. Scanning the direction the shot came from, he saw a flash of movement. Unsure of his target, he rose, running toward it. Donovan flanked him, but Robert was nowhere to be seen.

“You see anything?”

“No. Dammit!” Jasper holstered his weapon and wished for a radio.

Chaos erupted behind them, and he turned back to the crowd. “Where’s Nay?” Racing toward the group, he stopped where he’d left his wife. “Where’s my wife?” he demanded of the terrified guides. “She was right here!”

Robert and Nadeya were nowhere to be seen. Her purse lay a few feet away, kicked and trampled. Her phone and weapon were missing. Cursing angrily, Jasper was furious with himself for losing her.

“Are there cameras around here?” he asked Riffraff. “Security, anything?”

“I don’t know! I don’t know. Jesus!”

“There’s a security camera at the gate,” Magenta said, trying to calm down. “Let’s see if anyone got pictures.” Clapping her hands, she got everyone’s attention. “We need cameras, especially videos,” she commanded. “This gentleman says his wife is missing.”

Sirens approached at the St. Augustine police arrived. Jasper didn’t know who had called them, but he buttonholed the first officer on scene, showing his badge. He gave a quick and detailed report.

“My wife is missing. A friend and I addressed the situation, leaving her in the care of the tour group. She’s missing, as is a man who was walking with us.”

“What’re you telling me, Officer Waters?”

“I have reason to believe my wife’s been kidnapped.”

© 2018 Dellani Oakes

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