Sea of Destiny – Part 32

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sea of destiny coverKyle plans to join Emily when she visits the faith healer. He gives her a crucifix, with special blessings on it, to take with her.

“Thank you, Kyle.” She touched his cheek, kissing him fleetingly, embarrassed by the emotions flooding through her.

Nothing in her life with Bob had prepared her for Kyle’s tenderness, his warmth, free spirited nature, his fathomless caring. He was a limitless font of love. His family was the same way, welcoming her into their circle as if she had always been there, a member of the most wonderful family in the world. Lips trembling, she held the crucifix to her chest.

A little, warm hand touched her left wrist. Mindy stood at her elbow, dark eyes searching her face in a disconcertingly ‘aware’ fashion. She was a child who had seen much more than her tender years should allow.

“Miss Emily?”

“Yes, Mindy?”

“You’re gonna…

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Here’s Jasper – Again!

Florida Family Series by Dellani Oakes

I posted this on my Dellani Oakes blog, but wanted to move it specifically to this page. Here it is, republished with my permission. 

conduct unbecoming front coverI first introduced Jasper Waters in a novel called New at Love (published in Fran Lewis’ MJ Magazine) He wasn’t the main hero, but he certainly was heroic. Jasper had more than a little crush on the female lead, Amanda. Even though it broke his heart, he stepped aside for Derrick.

He popped up again in Undiscovered (coming spring of 2015 from Tigearr Publishing). It’s a small part, but a helpful one. Jasper’s the kind of guy you can count on. He’s appeared in a few of my other unpublished books and I expect he will probably find his way into more. He’s a comfortable fit and the kind of guy who is very likable.

When I introduced him in Conduct Unbecoming, I had…

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Under the Western Sky – The Story Behind the Story

Danger lurks Under the Western Sky.

Historical Novels by Dellani Oakes

Under the Western Sky by Dellani Oakes - 500As an author, I think it’s fun to explore where inspiration comes from. Sometimes, it’s a very clear cut source, other times, it’s vague and kind of hazy. Words pop into your mind and off you go.

Under the Western Sky was one of these. I heard a song by KC and the Sunshine Band that I used to listen to as a teenager, and all of a sudden, the first lines were in my head, demanding to be written down. I did so. What followed was a story I’d never anticipated, and I love it.

I grew up in Western Nebraska, though I wasn’t born there. I lived there the formative years of my life, from the time I was nine until I graduated from high school. The places in this story are real, though the events are not based on any true events. The character of Libby is, very…

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Presenting Marc Slatterly, Former Galactic Marine and Galactic Mining Guild Captain

Marc is a man of few words. This is his first public interview. See what he has to say!

Sci-Fi and Fantasy by Dellani

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00020]Marc Slatterly is Wil’s second in command. A lifelong friend, he’s always been Wil’s most trusted companion (until meeting Matilda, of course). They’ve been in more battles than either of them cares to remember and somehow, miraculously, lived to tell about it.

What is your name?

Marc Slatterly.

What do you do?

I’m a retired Galactic Marine and former Captain of the Galactic Mining Guild. Now, I’m second in command of the Shakazhan Force.

What is your biggest fear?

I don’t scare easily, but I’m worried that one day Wil is going to get himself in a scrape that I can’t dig him out of. He’s gotten us into some hot spots before, but we always manage to squeak by. When does out luck run out?

What would you give up everything to have?Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00022]

What kind of question is that? I would give up a lot for Becky and…

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Greetings from Tianna of the Timokuan

Tianna is one of my favorite characters. Meet her in The Maker!

Sci-Fi and Fantasy by Dellani

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00020]Tianna is another character who is introduced in The Maker. She is one of my favorite people. Her quiet strength and dignity make her a little harder to get to know, but she has a warm heart and a spine of pure steel. She stands by her mate, Lordvik, in battle, fearing little. She and Lordvik, her husband, have survived more battles than either of them care to count, yet she is very much a lady.

Second Wind: What is your story?

Tianna: My story is told, in part, in The Maker.

SW: Who are you?

T: I am Tianna, Daughter of Tasshanna and Prectov of the Fourth House, Holder of the Sacred Star, Mate of Lordvik, Parveet of the Timokuan. I am the wife of Lordvik, Parveet of the Timokuan. Mother of Acey, Warrior of the Timokuan and Grand-Dame of Leordovik, son of Acey and Jessia.

SW: Where do…

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Under the Western Sky – Excerpt from Chapter One (part 2)

My 2 historical novels are appropriate for teens 15+ Check them out!

Historical Novels by Dellani Oakes

Under the Western Sky by Dellani Oakes - 500Bobby has just told Libby that he likes her. She’s not sure what to do. She has zero experience with guys and all this time, she thought he was only going out because of Toni and Danny. Her friend told his that she wouldn’t date him unless Libby had a date. No wonder Bobby couldn’t make any progress. Now, he’s broken the ice. It’s time for him to make his move.

Libby watched the movie, giggling every so often. Danny and Toni weren’t paying any attention at all. As soon as the lights went down, they were necking, their popcorn forgotten on the floor. Bobby was still holding theirs, taking a bite every now and then, pretending to act casual, but she could feel the tense set of his shoulders. She glanced at him, his handsome face cast into highlights and deep shadows by the movie.

Feeling her eyes on…

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