Did you pick the genre or did it pick you–Karen Vaughan

Did you pick the genre or did it pick you?

I was just thinking of this. What kind of books do you read and does it reflect on the genres you write in? For example I cut my eye teeth or reading HARDY BOYS/NANCY DREW so it’s no surprise that I continued reading that and suspense thrillers. When it came to writing the mystery genre picked me.

I have been writing some form of mystery since 2005. I had a dream that screamed at me to write it down and thus DEAD ON ARRIVAL was born.

cover for doa 2008

And like a good potato chip you just can’t stop at one book. I didn’t either. I had no intention of writing a series at that point but yet another idea was brought to me by my muse. I had just performed my first stand-up comedy routine and I was bitten by that bug as well as writing.  Naturally I combined my two passions and voila I hatched DEAD COMIC STANDING.


Meanwhile I was getting requests for more Laura and Gerry stories.  OVER HER DEAD BODY came to pass and by that time I may as well keep the series going as ideas were coming at me from all directions.

Karens final choice 6d  2011

DAYTONA DEAD came next but I needed a break from the series even though I started writing DEAD MEN DON’T SWING.

Front cover of daytona dead     2013

dead_mean_dont_swing_2 (2)


Last year my NaNo entry was a mystery which had been bouncing around in my brain for months so I started 101 CROSS STREET a retro mystery which I hope to publish soon as well.

101 cross street cover

Now just because my main genre is mystery doesn’t mean that I am not going to dabble with romance or romantic suspense. You’re just going to have to keep reading to find out.


One thought on “Did you pick the genre or did it pick you–Karen Vaughan

  1. Karen, I’m like you. My genre decidedly picked me. What’s funny is that I didn’t really read romance novels when I was younger, though I did love a good mystery or romantic suspense. I credit Daphne Du Maurier for my love of a good romantic suspense.

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