Call me #crazy by Karen H. Vaughan

keep calm and write on


So who exactly is driving your creative bus?  Where do those ideas for what you hope will be the greatest novel you will ever write come from?

Call me #crazy but I dreamed the premise for DEAD ON ARRIVAL. Yep that was from the warped recesses of my #quirky imagination. Pretty trippy huh? I guess I must have been thinking of all the weird things that can happen to a person on a momday morning. Bad enough to wake up and accidently flush your tooth brush down the toilet or over fill the coffee maker and end up with a flooded kitchen of your last dregs of #maxwell house coffee. That would suck for a normal person. I had to have my character trip over a corpse. Thanks to my overactive imagination she has become what I have termed a corpse magnet. Laura sees dead people because the badasses in my brain give me plots that involve murder.

Did you hear the one about the guy who slashed a bunch of comedians because he missed the deadline for getting a sense of humor? Yes that was my muse behind the wheel on that plot too. I had always liked stand-up comedy and my muse seemed to think mixing comedy and murder was a swell idea and thus was born DEAD COMIC STANDING.

On another note, in the romance department I have had different ideas for stories because my muse decided I needed a break from  murder and mayhem. She decided the comedy was a good fit in the story so like Laura in my series Sam is a sarcastic divorcee in A BOTTLE OF RED( a WIP) who finds love at a class reunion.

I take a lot of plots from different aspects of my life. The angst filled moments of my teen years –Like I really wanted to revisit that -worked there way into Sam’s back story. I also work aspects of me into Laura and my other characters and different life experiences pop up in my plots.  I must be a tad nuts to take things I don’t want to relive into stories. Maybe the muse driving the bus thinks its a form of therapy to take these things and mix them with a quirky murder and equally strange characters and oddball villains.

Some people would say my muse needs a serious psychiatric check up but I like my nutty muse as she dares me to go where no writer would dare to go and imagine situations that are amusing and are entertaining. That’s one of the best things about being a writer: reach out and touch readers minds and give them some respite from everyday life.

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