What’s the Point?

books by dellani oakes 2 redThat’s it! I’ve gotten to the point where all the articles and Fun in Writing items I’ve done are all used up. That means I actually have to think of something new. Oh, my! Can I do it?

What does this mean to the world in general and me personally? Am I mentally able to write something else that isn’t complete drivel? Will I, in fact, come up with something so bizarre and out there and people think I’m completely off my nut?

Conversely, will I think of something so profound, so earth moving that people think I’m totally with it, in the know? (Okay, that’s hard even for me to believe.)

How do I write about something when I really have nothing to write about? Sure, I have ideas. Are they any good? Pffft! Who knows?

And yet—I sit here typing about not having anything to say and I bet someone is reading it. Probably wondering if I’m ever going to get to the point. My question is, does that really matter? Is there a point to get to? If so, what do we do when we get there? Do we join the angels dancing on the point of the pin? And if so, do we count them and compare answers? “I got 2,476, how about you?”

Is it, instead, a Point A as opposed to Point B? And where is Point C? Is there a Point D? Are we driving in a square or a straight line? Do the points intersect or run parallel to one another. Wait! Is this geometry class now? I got lost somewhere along the way, proving that maybe the quickest way isn’t a straight line.

Maybe it’s a curvy line or a squiggly one. Could it be the line in the sand? Or lines on my face? Do we cross the line or dot the I’s and cross the T’s? Do we mind our P’s and Q’s?Where did the points go?

I think I need another cup of coffee. Then I can contemplate points and lines as well as Life, the Universe and Everything – which has got to be simpler. Point me to the coffee pot, would you?

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