What does your writers spot look like? Do have a well organized office, a garrett or is your center of creative activity smack dab in the middle of the household chaos?

I do my best work at the dining room table amongst the detritus of every day life. There is TV on in the background or my favorite radio station playing. 

I cannot work in silence and I have said this before in an earlier blog. My work space looks like ARMAGEDDON has hit or an attack of THE ZOMBIE HORDE.  I don’t plot my books so why does my space need to be organized?  I love chaos so it goes to reason that my cave is chaotic.  I am in the middle of it all steps away from the food supply and a stones throw from the little girls room. Paradise if you ask me.Image




  1. I used to occupy one end of the dining room, but moved to the small bedroom when my son moved out. I’ve got all kinds of clutter around me, but apparently I like that, because it stays and stays. It’s still weird being back here and not right in the thick of things. Then again, the thick of things got totally crazy at times. I’m enjoying my author’s cave. 😉

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