The Art of Dialogue by Karen Vaughan


Dialogue shows the reader what is going on in the story.

I use dialogue a lot in my books and I have heard great things about it. This is something that works for me in writing and to quote Dr. Phil “do what works” I tried narration and writing in third person all the time. That didn’t work. My own stories were putting me to sleep. I switched over to first person and the stories just took off from there. Adding snappy dialogue came next. I love dialogue as the readers get the gist of the story through what the characters are saying rather than having a narrator telling them what is going on. I can also show emotion better whether it’s anger or sadness. Recently I wrote a scene where the main characters were arguing, the dialogue showed that my heroine was defending her position in getting involved with the murders. Here’s a sample of that:

I slammed a cup down on the counter and he jumped.

“What the hell?”
“Gerry what crawled up your ass and died.”
“It’s the damn sleuthing!”
“You said it was okay.”
“I said going back to school to be a Crime scene investigator was fine. It’s out of the line of fire behind the scenes work that won’t get your ass shot off.”
Gerry I found a dead body behind our building. We are the managers and we are up to our eyeballs in this whether we like it or not. I am not trying to solve the crime that’s Gibbons job. He is asking for our help as Missy and Weldon are tenants and so was Denny. May I remind you it was me who found Denny in the dumpster. That’s not something I go looking for.” I was finished my diatribe but was tempted to remind him that I had already been peed on by a lion.
“Cookie you are a corpse magnet, they find you.”
We stopped, looked at each other and laughed at how ridiculous the fight sounded. I spoke up.
“Well if you’re jealous honey, I’ll let you find the next body.

The dialogue shows the frustration of each character but also shows that the argument was solved with a touch of humor but Laura had stood her ground in the discussion.

Good dialogue tells a story and can be very entertaining. I use a lot of humor in my stories and I am told that it really packs a good punch.


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