Tilted in Transit

books by dellani oakes 2 redWhen I was in high school & college, I wrote poetry. I’m not saying it was GOOD poetry, but I enjoyed it. I found a book of my old poems when I was going through things in my office – looking for something else. I decided to read through it and see what there was.

I called the book “Tilted in Transit”, from something I said to my mother after grocery shopping.  “The butter is all to one side. It must have been tilted in transit.”

The following poem caught my eye. As I said, it’s not the best stuff in the world, but I liked the though process behind this one.

Did You Ever Notice…?

Did you ever notice that
Nemo is Omen spelled backwards?
And Serutan is Natures spelled backwards.
And But is Tub spelled forwards.

ERA is really E.R.A. Not to be confused
with the I.R.A. or the I.R.S. Or I.B.M.
Or 3M company or metric or mathematic
Or anything else like that.

In fact, this whole business didn’t have
to be brought up in the first place

Have you noticed that Nemo is Omen spelled backwards?

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