The Western heart-Part 1

Image  This a story that has been haunting me for several weeks and I thought I would serialize it for my fellow writers. Please give me feed back and I might just submit it for publication if it looks like a good story.


I dreamed of a grass covered plain surrounded by majestic mountains. My thoughts were tranquil at least until I heard the  shrill screaming from down the hall  This brought me back to the unpleasant reality that I was still in the psych wing of the local hospital.

I had been living day to day doing a mundane 9 to 5 kind of job plodding along not realizing how much the mere boredom of my existance was burning me out. I seemed to hit a wall at full speed and the resulting crash caused my nervous break down. A co-worker I knew well found me sobbing uncontrollably in the stall next to hers.

“Callie whats wrong you have to come out!”

“NO!” I was vehement.

This lead to Erica getting my supervisor Jean to talk me out of the bathroom. I was babbling about being nothing and no one to the point they were afraid I would do something rash and desperate like suicide.  I woke up in the lock down unit of the pyschiatric ward. I was trundled up in a straight jacket feeling dopey.

What managed to keep me sane over the next few weeks were visits from friends after the powers that be decided I was no longer a threat and my travel related dreams. I quickly formulated a plan. I served notice at the office and announced I was going to use some investment savings and travel before I decided my next step.  I was being drawn west for some particular reason. Was it my destiny to pick up and forge a new life somewhere different.  Were my dreams a result of this need or were they catalyst to get my ass moving.

I mentioned this to the leader of my therapy group.

“Are you afraid of something new?”

“No I am afraid of not doing something new.”

“I think the nervous break down was a wake up call Callie.”

I think she was right and that’s what spurred my decision to take my show on the road.

I was awake and listening to the patients moaning and wailing. I praised my higher power that today I was getting sprung from this joint.


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