What writers really do. by Karen H. Vaughan


Is writing mostly inspiration or something else?

Does an idea for a story come to us in the form of an epiphany in the middle of the night? Do we rack our brains for the perfect plot that will be the great novel of the century. 

Sometimes I get a germ of an idea in my head and let it marinate in it’s own juices for a bit then flip it over and let it marinate some more. When I think it has grown some legs I test drive it on friends and family to get a feel for what might work.  Two things are going to happen. I will get a multitude of suggestions as to what could work and who the characters can look like. This is where people say I like this and I really would like to be in this story or could you kill off so and so for me?

Others run 10,000 miles in the opposite direction not wanting to hear the elevator pitch for my latest endeavor.

It’s more than likely that a writer will cloister his/her self in a room with a non stop supply of coffee or caffeine related product, munchies and their fave music to inspire them.  They may not emerge from said cave til the outline is done or some primal urge to eat, sleep or visit the potty over takes the need to write. 

Do we have lives outside this need to go forth and create? Do our families, friends, pets and employers stage an intervention should we be cloistered too long?  Do we recognize ourselves after a serious bout of writing? Are there more lines, wrinkles or threads of wisdom when the project is done?

A writers life is exactly what it is. It is an entity unto itself. It is not for sissies. Some of us might need psychiatric care or a damn good vacation between stretches of writing and editing and handing it off to the publishing gods.

It all comes down to the same thing. We’re writers! HANDLE US WITH CARE!Image



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