Our First Drive – Dellani Oakes

Dellani Oakes with glasses smallerI’m teaching my son to drive. He’s a good driver thus far – much better than many of the licensed drivers on the road already. After he got his learner’s permit, I took him for his first official drive. There is a back country road not far from our house, so we headed to Volco Road and went west.

From there, we took Beacon Light Road, heading south, before turning east again on Ariel Road. We turned around, went back to Beacon Light and made a left, heading down to West Halifax Road further to the south. We went across US-1, looped around on River Drive and Canal Avenue (where he neatly avoided getting T-boned by someone backing out of their driveway without looking) and went back to US-1. We stopped at the flea market parking lot and switched places. I drove back to West Halifax and he took over once more.

A pickup behind us apparently thought we were going too slowly, so it passed us going 60 mph, in a 45 mph zone, and we missed our turn. We started noticing the scenery saying to ourselves, “This is really cool. I don’t remember seeing this before.” We hadn’t – we were now on a different stretch of road that eventually became the Osteen Maytown Road. When we passed under the Interstate, we knew we were “not in Kansas anymore”. Since it would be just as long to go back as it was to press onward, I told him to keep going.

We ended up in Osteen, a little over 30 minutes from home. Not what we had intended at all, but it was a beautiful day and a pleasant drive. My son drove the entire way to Osteen. I took over the driving once we got there. Not because he was doing a bad job, but because there was a lot of roadwork going on. I didn’t think he needed to drive in that kind of mess. As soon as we got back to our town, I let him take over and drive the rest of the way home.

Now, of course, he wants to drive wherever we go. One of these days, we’ll tackle driving standard shift, but that’s an adventure for another day.

© Dellani Oakes

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