Editing, the time-consuming but necessary evil in the life of a writer, eats up an author’s writing time. It’s difficult to see many little mistakes in punctuation and grammar after reading and rereading the manuscript for what may seem like or actually be the hundredth time.

No matter how great the story is, the writer always seems to find a place here, a sentence there, a description, or a bit of dialogue that could be just a tiny bit better if a few words are changed. Constantly tweaking the story or the writing often gets in the way of doing a good editing job on one’s own works of literary art..

That’s why writers need editors – someone whose sole purpose is to find the flaws in spelling, grammar and punctuation that elude the writer but will distract readers.

That’s what editors do, paying special attention to the little things that are hallmarks of good writing. They find all those elusive little mistakes the author may not catch. They make suggestions when they find a sentence that seems awkward or that has grammar problem.

The big problem for Indie Authors is that editors cost money…sometimes BIG money, and some editors are better than others. Finding someone with whom a writer can trust his “baby” – his creation of art – is a daunting task. 

A writer should be spending his or her valuable time creating, not editing. No matter how good the writer is, an objective eye when it comes to editing will make a huge difference in any writer’s life.

There’s a new service in “town” for Indie Writers. Writers’ Wings is designed to help you with the mundane but necessary jobs of editing, prepping for publication, and cover design at reasonable prices. The website is still under construction, but you’re welcome to visit it and watch as it grows. You’ll be interested in what Writers’ Wings has to offer and amazed at how affordable its services are. Stop by… http://writerswings.homestead.com/index.html Let us give your words wings!




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