Pantera at Panera

Dellani Oakes with glasses smallerA few weeks ago I was standing in a long, slow moving line at the Panera Bread Company. Ahead of me was a very tall, thin man in his twenties. Quite good looking and broad shouldered, he was wearing a black leather jacket. Across his broad expanse of shoulder, stitched in pale yellow letters was the word Pantera. However, because there was a white skull behind the T, it looked like it said Panera.

The older lady beside me was staring at the jacket with a puzzled look. She leaned over to her husband, speaking in what she probably considered a confidential tone. “Why do you suppose he’s standing in line if he’s wearing a Panera jacket? Surely if he works here, he doesn’t have to stand in line.”

I couldn’t let the poor old girl suffer under that misconception, could I? No. I had to set it right. I turned around, smiling pleasantly at her. (So I was eavesdropping, so what!)

“It doesn’t say Panera,” I explained patiently. “It says Pantera. There’s a T in the middle, see?”

They both squinted at the jacket as we took a couple small steps forward.

“Oh,” she said with a grin. “So it does! Well, what’s that? I’ve never heard of that. Have you heard of that?” She asked her husband.

“It’s a band,” I explained, feeling like I was conversing with Miss Emily Lotilla.

“Oh, what kind of music do they play?”

“Heavy metal.”

“Heavy what?”

“Metal. Very hard rock, loud, lots of screaming.”

“Well, fancy you knowing something like that,” she looked very impressed.

“I have teenagers,” I told her with a smile.

I didn’t tell the old girl I had a CD in my car with a couple of Pantera songs on it that I’d been listening to on the way over. I probably would have given her an aneurysm.

Dellani Oakes is an author, mostly of romantic fiction. Her novels, Indian Summer – historical romance, Lone Wolf – futuristic romance are available at Second Wind Publishing and The Ninja Tattoo – contemporary romantic suspense is available from Tirgearr Publishing


8 thoughts on “Pantera at Panera

  1. People look at me sideways when they hear metal ringing out from my speakers. Or anything the 60s and 80s. Hey, if Beiber and One Direction are my choices today, I’ll make a beiber line in a direction back to the classics!

  2. Funny! What a great dialogue to insert in one of our books…a lighter moment, perhaps, in a hot and heavy romance/mystery? Real life is such a good source for us fiction writers, isn’t it?

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