Do you write the stories or do they write you? What does a writing session look like?

Does anyone ever really write alone? I don’t mean with someone in the room. I am talking about the party in our heads.  “The committee” as I refer to them as includes the inner editor, and its boss the inner critic, the characters in the book: protags, badasses and a cast of 1000s.  It’s like in impromptu jam session or a night at the Improv. It’s enough to think I have become schizophrenic;  about the same effect but writer is much easier to spell.

The party sometimes goes as follows:

You forgot to dot the i. My inner editor was looking over my shoulder as I was making some rough notes for the w.i.p. I was working on.  I mentally shushed him. Meanwhile my protagonist was nudging me.

Don’t forget I get the good lines.

“Ha” said the villain, don’t be a pig.”

“Look you jerk, I am the hero in this piece. You’re goin’ down!”

“That’s what you think. Look writer, make sure I get a few zingers before I get what’s coming to me. She’s not getting the last word. I will die dramatically if I have to but make it a good one.”

I heard snickering behind me and my inner critic stepped out. “That scene sucked.”

I harumphed loudly “Did not!”


“Shut the H e double hockey sticks up.”

“You are a hack! You call that the great Canadian novel? Your characters are one dimensional cookie cutters?”

The hero and the villain shouted in unison. “WE ARE NOT YA BUTT HEAD.”

The editor jumps in with “BUTT HEAD IS HYPHENATED! Did I not teach you anything?”

I stood up. “Enough. I can’t think with you guys bouncing around up there. I am going to get a drink and when I get back you better be gone.”

There was silence, finally I could get some work done.


That’s a typical discussion in and amongst the grey cells.  There was a cute little meme crawling around face book this week. 


I can probably say that a lot of writers would agree judging by the number of likes and shares it got through out the week. Sometimes our characters are the writers and we are merely taking dictation. On the other hand:



4 thoughts on “Do you write the stories or do they write you? What does a writing session look like?

  1. i have found that if the story writes itself, it comes easy and flows to the keyboard. If it doesn’t, then I wonder why I am writing it.

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  3. It’s true – the writer, more now than ever, has to be the jack of all trades. Proper management of all the “roles” in your writing department is key to success and progress. Personally, I try to “hush” the editor and critic in myself when writing the first draft, because at that point I’m most interested in finishing the story. Then on the second draft I take on the role of the critic and basically deconstruct and break down my work. Afterwards, I pick up those pieces of it which are decent, glue them together, brush, rinse and so the second draft is finished.

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