What the $%^& is writers block anyway?–Karen Vaughan

What the $%^& is writers block anyway?

Is it a real condition or just an excuse we use not to get motivated?  I think it is real.

It occurs when I sit at my desk looking at whatever project I am working on for an hour straight and have to admit to myself:  I’VE GOT NOTHING!!

Now if you don’t have a deadline, writers block is a matter of frustration. I simply go do something else and wait for a brilliant or at least an acceptable idea for the story.

  • I do crafts. This relaxes me and takes my mind off the blockage.
  • I simply write something besides the project in question—like my blog
  • Visit groups on Facebook or tweet.
  • Nap
  • Go for a walk/drive
  • Organize something either on my laptop or something in my house.  This is good to make up for the stuff I don’t do when I am writing.

My editor keeps me honest. She has this certain cartoon to send when she feels I need a nudge. It’s as subtle as a cattle prod but it does the job.


I even gave this to my step-son as he was writing his book.

For those poor souls who are on a deadline of sorts writers block can be paralysing.  People get burned out easily as there is so much pressure to do it and do it well.

I suggest for you to be gentle with yourself. If you feel overwhelmed nothing is going to work unless you take a mini break.   One half hour is not going to hurt you if you can’t write anyway.

I often get ideas when I am doing something else.  I cannot write when out side factors are bogging me down. Nasty things like life can get in the way of the creative process.  Arguments with friends family or co-workers can cloud your mind from the thing it really wants to do which is write.   Meditate, breathe pray –or as Dr. Phil would say: DO WHAT WORKS!

I’d be in deep doo-doo if I ever suffered from this.




2 thoughts on “What the $%^& is writers block anyway?–Karen Vaughan

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  2. You nailed it right on the head, Karen…and gave some good ways to overcome it…I love your sense of humor, too. Now I am all nouned, verbed, conjunctioned, adjectived, and…well…I’m done.

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