When is it too soon to write your memoirs?


I am in my last year of my forties and it has been a very busy nine years. It was the decade planned to do so much.  Is it too soon to write about what I have done? Does one have to wait until they are noteworthy?  I feel like I want to dive right in and share “my” story. 

So if you decide to write an auto-biography, what will it look like?

Is there a message? Is it a tale of survival?  Do you want to convey hope?

My story will be my survival as someone with anxiety. I don’t want it to be maudlin or morose. I have a good life despite the struggles I have had in life. That will come out for sure. I will share my coping skills and strategies I developed over the years that help me get by.

Yes the story is about hope for others who suffer from these issues.

I even have a title in mind. I QUIT MY DAY JOB FOR THIS?  Yes as you who have read stuff I have written will know that nothing gets written without a few laughs along the way.

So what inspires a person to write something so personal?

Yesterday I was at a Women in wellness seminar. There were three brave souls who got up and told their stories.  They were funny and moving and I realized it takes a lot of guts to bare ones soul to a room full of strangers.  Is it any easier to put it on paper and publish?  Not sure yet.

You decide if it’s a story worth telling but I am sure it will be.


4 thoughts on “When is it too soon to write your memoirs?

  1. Hi Karen
    I believe the right time to write our memoir is when we are ready to tell our story. It should not be determined by years like 19, 49 or 99, but measured in “readys”. You will know when you are ready.

  2. It is never too soon to WRITE one’s memoirs…it’s more a case of choosing WHEN to release them. In these days of ePublishing, you can post them as soon as they’re complete – and why not choose fifty as that time? They can always be updated…say every five years to keep the memoirs current.
    This weekend I say Harry Styles’ autobiography on sale. How old is he???
    I say go for fifty!

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