And The Part Goes To…by Karina Gioertz


It probably comes as no surprise at this point (you know, because I may have mentioned it before ;-) …once or twice…) that the books I write come to me more as movies. Well, actually they start out as little movie trailers that play in my head over and over again. Little scenes, bits of dialogue and hints of the plot are all neatly tied up in a sweet little brain flash that replays itself a gazillion times a day until I grab a pen and paper and make it stop.

I attribute these mind movies to the fact that I initially leaned toward writing screenplays rather than writing novels. Or perhaps it’s the other way around…who knows. Regardless, once I get to typing it’s essentially the same thing as the director calling out “ACTION”. The opening scene developes, the characters come to life and the story leads the way.

Just like any other director, I like to have an amazing cast to work with. Most of the time I know who I want for each part as I write it in, but other times it’s not so easy. When I started writing Country Girls, most of the cast was clear right from the start.

Emma Wilson was played by Jennifer Aniston. Eli’s part went to Reese Witherspoon and I was kind of undecided between Burt Reynolds and Tommy Lee Jones for Harry, but it was definitely one of the two! Evey was a little harder, but it eventually went to Amanda Seyfried. Shawn on the other hand was instant – Taye Diggs. Unfortunately, while I can picture Doc as clear as day, I can’t say for certain who he is…or if he exists beyond the realm of my imagination at all…so, that part’s still up for grabs I suppose, along with a few others.

So, there’s my cast for Country Girls. Even if Country Girls is never made into a movie, it’s a fun excercise to do as a writer…and I won’t deny that seeing my stories come to life on the big screen would be the ultimate dream come true for this writer ;-)

For those of you who have read the book, do you agree with my cast? Who would you choose if it were up to you??


10 thoughts on “And The Part Goes To…by Karina Gioertz

  1. I saw Harry as Sam Elliot when I was reading it, I understand why you do this –I have a story in my head that comes across as a movie. Mount Pleasant blues.–I have one actress picked out for the daughter -Jennifer Lawrence. Not Sure of the two older women Miranda or Katrina yet

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  3. Karina, know I said before how alike we are in our approach to our writing, but this is amazing. I see my books as screenplays too – scenes that play in my mind, just as if I’m watching a movie. Read Blood Bound (which I loved) but haven’t got to Country Girls yet so can’t comment on your real-life cast. Hope to read it soon.

  4. Once in a while I wonder who would play certain characters…maybe I should figure that out sometime. I see the characters in my head, but they don’t look like anyone I know or have watched on the silver screen.

  5. I think your choices are fantastic! I was seeing Harry more as Sam Elliot, but I decidedly agree with your choices – personal preference, Tommy Lee Jones. 🙂

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