I have always been fascinated with detective books and shows on TV. I grew up reading THE HARDY BOYS and NANCY DREW. I loved the way the detectives searched for clues and put the puzzle together. I am not police material and I hate the sight of blood so I write about it.

My mysteries aren’t heavy with a lot of violence.  Yes there is usually a dead body hence the word in my titles  like DEAD COMIC STANDING and OVER HER DEAD BODY.  I love light mysteries as well as the gritty police procedurals. I am all for the average Joe coming along and inadvertently solving the crime.

My protagonist Laura is an average citizen . She got sucked in to the first situation as it was her floor where the body was found in DEAD ON ARRIVAL.  Laura is not one who stands idly by and watches from the side-lines like she is supposed to. She sometimes puts her self in the line of fire, albeit accidently.

Most amateur detectives are natural snoops. They can sniff out a crime at fifty paces get involved much to the chagrin of their friends and family.

I wanted Laura to be a well rounded individual with a life which includes a romantic interest and a few quirky friends willing to stand by and pick up the pieces.

In OVER HER DEAD BODY, Laura and Gerry stumble upon a dead neighbor and unearth the plot of a stiletto wearing bimbo  seeking revenge on the eighty-something paramour of her rich husband.  Laura jumps in head first and goes toe to toe with the woman scorned to avenge the senseless murder and protect her new friend Sanford Brown.

This amateur meddling causes a rift with Gerry who would really rather she let the police do the dirty work.  She even gets into the thick of things in my soon to be released DAYTONA DEAD. Even on their honeymoon things get interesting and they end up on the bad side of a criminal.

As most people who have read my work know that I love comic relief and quick-witted dialogue. Police on TV and in books have that kind of rapport and it just adds a dimension to the over all story.

If you want to write a book carefully decide what elements you want to include. If you are a crime lover still try to include a bit of romance and humor to make the character more well rounded and not just a cookie-cutter “just the facts ma’am” kind of detective.



  1. I grew up with the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew too. Never thought about it having an influence on what I write until I read your post, Karen. Thinking about it, every genre has to have an element of mystery to keep readers wanting more. Thanks for this interesting post!

  2. I liked Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew & Encyclopedia Brown – remember him? I grew up to read lots of mysteries. It was my mother’s favorite genre. Now, I write romantic suspense, combining MY two favorite genres. 🙂

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