A Few Of My Favorite Guys by Karina Gioertz

When it comes to writing, developing the characters is easily one of my favorite things. It’s right up there with the storyline…okay, maybe it even beats that. I like the building of relationships and figuring out the quirky details that make them who they are. I love listening to the conversations they have and imagining their thoughts and reactions to things. These characters aren’t just strangers in a book to me, they’re my imaginary friends, the voices in my head and the inhabitants of my day dreams. They are privie to the most intimate parts of me, much like I am to theirs.

Now, you might think that being a woman myself, I prefer to write women, but you’d be wrong. I like writing men. Women are fun, too, but they’re easy. I know women…I get women…Men, not so much. Which is precisely why I enjoy writing male characters as much as I do. In MY world, where I’M in charge, Men make sense to me. I can comprehend how they think and I get how they feel. I UNDERSTAND them. The fact that this is due to my molding them to be exactly who and what I want and need them to be, does not escape me.

Anyway, I thought that since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, it might be a good time to highlight some of the men in my life, so here goes ~

I specifically did not create a lead male character in Country Girls because I wanted to write a story for women about women, that did not involve some sort of romantic happily ever after. It wasn’t easy, especially once I introduced Shawn to the girls. It was all I could do to marry him off quickly to keep him from falling for Eli…and her falling for him in turn. It would have been so natural. Him being the strong and silent type (for the most part…he knows how to stand his ground when necessary) with that abundant amount of patience, while she’s self-destructive and reckless at times and in such desperate need of a safe set of arms to run into…oh right, Eli would never lean on a man like that. Oh well.

So, since I denied myself the guy in Country Girls, I made up for it in Lucky In Love by writing three! There was Gabe – funny, attractive and always flirtatious, but a tad immature. This meant that he was always up for a good time but wasn’t ready to be serious. A great quality to find in a man when you’re not looking for commitment, or too afraid of finding it…

And who wouldn’t love Jason? Handsome and kind. Confident and slightly cocky, but in an utterly adorable way. He could easily be boyfriend material…or best friend material…or both?

Last but certainly not least, there’s Noah.The player/ bad boy and my personal favorite…what can I say, I have the worst taste in men.

After Lucky, I moved on to Blood Bound…not much for romance here, but I did kinda love me some Scott…

My most recent guy is Lindsay, and while he’s way too young for me (I decided to take a stab at writing YA) he’s still at the top of my list. He’s got a dash of every one of my favorite guys in him. He’s dependable and shows up for those he cares about like Scott.  He doesn’t always go out with the classiest of gals like Noah. He’s kind and considerate like Jason. Funny like Gabe. And, he’s even got some of that charming patience that Shawn posseses…all in all, I’d say he could make one girl (or many readers) very happy someday :)

On that note ~ Happy Valentine’s Day  ♥


5 thoughts on “A Few Of My Favorite Guys by Karina Gioertz

  1. Love this post. Ironically I just read something about male thriller writers (in general) not getting women. Hemmingway wasn’t a thriller writer, but I think the reason so many women dislike his books is because he seemed clueless about the “gentler sex.” I’m on equal footing with men and women because I grew up with two brothers (no sisters) and 20+ male cousins varying in age from 17 years older than me to 16 years younger. Plus I’ve always had close men friends. So, it’s easy for me to put myself inside a man’s head. Here’s an example. Forgive the language. Remember it’s out of the mouths of men – at least a certain type of man.

    He halted as he saw the server coming with Martin’s drink. When she had taken their orders and disappeared again, he continued in a lowered voice. “This one’s big, Antonio, some chief honcho.”
    “Chief honcho of what, a big set-up?”
    “Chief honcho of a whole country, my friend.”
    It took a few seconds for it to sink in. “Are you shitting me?” Martin said striving to keep his voice low. He gave a disbelieving half laugh. “Come on, man, is this some kind of joke? You can’t be serious!”
    “Es cierto.”
    “Where is this supposed to go down?” Martin asked incredulously.
    “Some island in the Caribbean.”
    “Listen amigo,” Martin said after a moment of stunned silence, “Enforcement I can deal with, but this is way beyond enforcement. Taking out presidents is not exactly my line of business.”
    “Think you need to consider making it your line of business, Tony. Face it, you owe them too much to say no. Nice brownstone in the city, your boy at Princeton, your girl at a private school, cash in the bank. They saved your ass when you were groveling in the gutter. They’re never going to forget that, even if you have.”

  2. I prefer to write male characters too. I do like my female characters strong and able to stand side by side with their men – no shivering, sniveling wimps for me! I totally hated the third Transformer movie because the girl spent 90% of it screaming “SAAAAMMMM!!!!” She sat there and let all hell break loose around her. Pick up the gun, blondie and SHOOT! Even if you miss – do something.

    I have to admit, I fall in love with all my guys as I write them. I see them through the eyes of the women they come to adore and (I hope) that makes them more genuine.

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